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Giglog : Cruson – Gregory Wedding

So while I won’t be able to blog about every wedding and event that we have I’m making a firm commitment to blog about as many of our events as possible. Not only do we get to do events for amazing people but we also work with some of the best companies in the area. This is our chance to showcase both!

Liz & Brett’s reception was really a lot of fun to do. Not only are they a great couple but this was a fun all around bridal party.  They selected Audubon Country Club as the site for their reception. This venue can sometimes be tricky to do since your party can sometimes be split into 3 rooms. We were able to accommodate not only the ballroom with the Midnight Magic Silver Package + Video but we also ran 2 smaller satellite systems into the other rooms. This made it possible for every room to hear all announcements. Their colors were pink, orange and teal and the room looked spectacular! The center pieces were made from bourbon bottles with flowers which fit nicely with the room.

The bride assigned each table not only a number but also a song. This was a great idea! We released every table by their song. They could dance or trot to the buffet line while their table’s song was playing. This was not only entertaining for the table but also entertaining for all of the guests.  It really made dinner service enjoyable. With this video package we were able to not only create and show a custom slide for the bride & groom with their name’s and wedding date but also showed a photo slide show of their engagement during dinner.

As we got through the dinner service we followed it with the toast & cake cutting and made it to the reception portion. This was a music video reception, with some surprised reaction when The Isley Brothers- “Shout” video classic was played. While this was an afternoon reception it was a very energetic group! And we even kept them a little longer than planned.

Bride’s Tip: Liz’s idea was great! Assign a song for each table. This is a great way to make dinner service fun.

Most Memorable Moment: Liz surprised Brett with a lip sync of Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love”. What a crowd favorite plus the groom was pretty red!

Liz & Brett- Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your event!

Venue: Audubon Country Club

Caterer: Audobon Country Club

Photographer: Lang Thomas Photography

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