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Giglog : Copas – Marks Wedding

All odds were against them! After months of planning, Meghann & Jonathan were a bit stressed the week of the wedding. Between construction, weather and learning the steps to their first dance the reception was nothing short of amazing! Meghann & Jonathan were so much fun. To the point that I would find them in the office way longer than I should have kept them socializing about travel and the wonders of the Vitamix Blender.

Everything seemed to fall into place for this great couple. The weather held off from the seemingly certain destruction of the weatherman’s forecast and despite road construction and other events scheduled in the same area during the same time as both the ceremony and reception, everything seemed to run flawlessly! Their wedding reception was held at the Sawyer Hayes Community Center. Their bourbon themed reception was very fun! Every guest was assigned their seat not by a table number but by a bourbon bottle. There were over 20 different bourbon bottles adorning the reception area. Some staples that I had heard of such as Makers & Woodford Reserve and some that were new to me such as Willett Family Reserve and Very Old Barton. This was a great way for us to greet the guests as we would point them in the right direction of their table. For guests that came in the other entrance, it was a great way for them to mingle and hunt for their table.

Since the bar, photo booth and some of the cocktail hour was in the main lobby we were able to run a wireless system to the lobby so that everyone was able to hear the announcements and music. Jonathan being a huge Frank Sinatra fan was fun! For the cocktail hour and dinner, we played a set list comprised of Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Michael Buble, Dean Martin and Harry Connick, Jr. just to name a few. Dinner service was a great compliment to the evening featuring bourbon glazed pork and steamed vegetables. This has been our year for unique dinner services. We released guests to the buffet according to their bourbon bottle. This was a lot of fun as the guests waited for their table to be called. Even better were the tables chanting their bourbon to be called to the line!

After dinner came the toasts! Not just any ordinary toast but a very special toast since one of the co-maids of honor was deployed to Asia. It was a very nice and touching moment when she was able to speak to the bride via Skype during the toast! We moved on to the cake cutting and first dances and were able to open the dance floor for the fun!

Bride’s Tip: To go along with their bourbon theme Jonathan & Meghann had a bourbon barrel head on hand for guests to sign so that they could have it as a keep sake of their special day. This was a great way to incorporate a keepsake into their theme!

Most Memorable Moment: An amazing first dance to Frank Sinatra! As I had mentioned before Meghann & Jonathan had been taking classes for their first dance. As we were talking during dinner they were a little nervous since they had not taken into consideration Meghann’s dress! Their foxtrot was a huge success and a crowd pleaser.

Meghann & Jonathan- Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your bourbon filled extravaganza!

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